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Vives de la Cortada SCP - Heart of Amethyst (COR10)

€120,00 EUR
Approximate size of the piece: 9 x 8cm Approximate weight of the piece: 505gr Origin: Brazil THERAPEUTIC PROPERTIES Amethyst is known as the stone of harmony, transmutation and spirituality. It corresponds to the 6th chakra, located between the eyebrows. It helps calm the mind and relax us, thus promoting connection with our intuition. It is for this reason that amethyst is usually a good complement to the practice of meditation, whether holding the mineral in our hands, placing it above the eyebrow or heart, or placing an amethyst crystal in front of us. It is usually the stone indicated to maintain integrity in stressful situations and also to promote good sleep, as well as to help in cases of insomnia or nightmares.