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Who are we


Hello, I am Souad Charifi, I was born in Morocco, I arrived in Spain specifically to Granada in 1995 to study Pharmacy, and I never left Spain.

When I turned 23, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, at the same time my brother and my mother were fighting cancer, they were very difficult times, my mother and brother died and followed by my father who, in addition to suffering from cancer, died of Alzheimer's.

This event made me reflect on: Why does our body suffer from imbalances and get sick?

The image of my mother holding the famous golden hairspray that she used, which was so nice, came to mind. I started reading the ingredients, yes, parabens, formaldehyde... and I said to myself, but this is carcinogenic! !.

There I became obsessed with reading the ingredients of cosmetics and all of them (I'm talking about the year 2010) had ingredients that were toxic to us. I left the pharmacy and went to the nearest herbalist, anyway and of course, they were not 100% safe, and the light bulb went on, if I, being a pharmacist, find it difficult to find cosmetics and natural supplements, imagine the people who do not understand ingredients . and I decided to create Biovardi, a place where everything is 100% natural, ecological, free of toxic substances. I myself am in charge of studying the formulas, contacting the brands to ensure their safety and that they are toxic-free.

Who is Biovardi aimed at?

To anyone concerned about what they put on their skin, about the nutritional supplements they take, anyone who suffers from allergies caused by chemical substances, in general people who are looking for another more natural, ecological, sustainable way to take care of themselves and their family.
Thank you for coming here and reading me
If you need professional advice, do not hesitate to contact me.
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I invite you to stroll through our pages, discover high-quality organic cosmetics with effective and safe active ingredients.