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€9,95 EUR

Trio-Zinc Mist has a special place in the purifying skincare arsenal thanks to its deep cleansing, soothing and mattifying action.

It also has a distinct advantage over other cosmetic categories in that it can be used multiple times a day, depending on different needs.

Anyone with blemishes knows... battling pimples can quickly become an obsession. There are many ways to avoid it, but there is always the need for clean skin. To satisfy it, the abuse of dermatological and cosmetic care is not the solution. On the other hand, replacing each product in your beauty routine with specific anti-blemish and skin care products of natural origin is a fundamental step. That is why we have brought a specific mist for this type of skin that can be used several times a day and for a multitude of uses.

A simple gesture, a pure formula, with immediate action that acts at the root of imperfections.

Excellent to prevent the appearance of mask acne or mask acne that we are suffering so much as a result of Covid-19.

When obsession turns into action, it's no longer suffering...

-67% *: drastic reduction of excess sebum. Instant shine removal action (source of hydration) and long-lasting (inhibition of 5 alpha-reductase *).

Recommended for mixed or oily and sensitive skin, in the case of normal to dry skin it is not recommended as a daily product but rather as a spot product to mattify or set makeup or shine in summer.

How to use:

Hold 30cm from face, close eyes and spray 2-3 times to cover face. Let act 10 seconds and dry.

It can be used as a toner after cleansing, as an instant mattifier, as a refresher, as a make-up fixer.


Trio-Zinc Mist can be used any time of day to instantly mattify and purify skin without drying it out. 16 seconds is enough: 3 seconds to spray, 10 seconds to leave on and 3 seconds to gently dry.


Aqua (water)*, Zinc gluconate*, Zinc PCA*, Zinc Lactate*, Nitrogen*. 100% natural product, vegan, hypoallergenic (no allergens) and totally suitable for pregnant and lactating women.