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100% Natural Oriental Wax 300 gr

€13,95 EUR

Suitable for sensitive skin, Oriental Wax can be effective on short hair for up to 4 weeks, providing clean, crisp, long-lasting results.

This oriental wax specially designed for sensitive skin, with organic belt, contains a variety of active ingredients (100% natural source), which can take care of the skin.

To achieve the best and smoothest hair removal effect, they have selected Fair Trade organic Paraguayan cane sugar.

To soothe and relax skin after waxing, our super formula adds natural glycerin and ylang ylang essential oil.

This product is known for its calming properties and helps prevent skin redness.

In addition to the mild ingredients, its texture is very smooth, which will allow you to apply it very easily to all areas of your body.

Organic striped oriental wax is applied in very thin layers.

Its 300 g jar is a very economical format because it will allow you to carry out several hair removal sessions. Specially designed for fragile skin, the oriental wax with organic strips is ideal for people with blood circulation problems.

It is low temperature and can even be used without prior heating:

all risk of burns is avoided!

How to use

If you are looking for a thick honey texture, heat the Oriental Wax with Organic Strips in the microwave or in a double boiler, in 10-second increments.

A few seconds of warm-up is usually enough.

Let's go for waxing On a perfectly clean, dry and healthy floor, start with:

1. Observe the direction of hair growth.

2. Next, place a drop of Oriental Wax with Organic Strips on top of the surface to be waxed.

3. Using the edge of the spatula, slide the wax in the direction of hair growth to create a thin layer. To do this, hold the spatula perpendicular to the skin.

4. Place the cotton strip over the layer of wax you just applied, smoothing it down very firmly with the palm of your hand, all in the direction of the grain.

5. Stretch the skin with one hand and with the other remove the strip against the hair, with a strong blow, parallel to the surface to be waxed.

6. Rinse any wax residue left on your skin with water.

7. Also rinse the wax strips with water.

They are reusable 3 times at most.

Please read the instructions carefully before use. Follow the instructions for use.



* Ingredients from organic farming

** Fair trade ingredients

100% of the total ingredients are of natural origin.

13% of the total ingredients are from organic farming