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€36,95 EUR

Regulate your digestive system and combat bloating with Baïa - MICROBIOTIC CREAMER!

Its unique formula with prebiotic fiber, probiotics and medicinal mushroom extract improves your digestion and regulates intestinal transit.

Helps improve intestinal health and bathing regularity. With daily consumption, you will be able to notice improvement from the first days, thanks to its fiber content and other beneficial ingredients.

In one study, 63.9% of participants experienced a reduction in bloating and 66.7% experienced a reduction in gas after 30 days of use.

How to drink : Add coffee, tea or your favorite drink

Add 1 scoop of Microbiotic Creamer to your coffee, tea or favorite drink and stir.


Chicory inulin (Orafti ®), coconut drink powder, TCMs, lion's mane extract, natural flavor, bacillus coagulans MTCC (Lactospore ®), guar gum

Without gluten. Without lactose.