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El secreto de las famosas

The Best Kept Secret of Celebrities 📛

We are increasingly aware of the ingredients in our cosmetic products and are concerned about using them on our skin on a daily basis. Little by little, more people enter the world of natural cosmetics, either because of fear of the effects that certain cosmetic ingredients can have on our skin and health, or because of how they affect the environment.

Such is the success of the healthy conscience that many of the most famous celebrities in the world have already included it in their beauty treatments. Many already claim to be fans of healthy cosmetics. Here, we share her experience, reasons, and some of her favorite natural cosmetics.

Elsa Pataky:

Elsa Pataky

The Spanish actress has repeatedly declared herself a fan of vegetable oils. These have various uses in cosmetics. Wheat germ oil is a natural make-up remover, jojoba oil is a powerful anti-wrinkle agent, argan oil is nourishing and works for skin and hair, calendula oil has healing properties and avocado oil protects and regenerates the skin.

Jennifer Lopez:

Jennifer Lopez

In her book About Face, she states that one of her beauty secrets is to use DR HAUSCHKA Rosehip Cream every day. It is an ideal daily moisturizer for dry and sensitive skin, formulated based on oil, wax and rose petals.

Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman
Actress, famous, vegan, convinced ecological and friend of animals. Natalie Portman is an exemplary celebrity in everything that has to do with ecology and the defense of animals. She has always been against cosmetic testing and has long used cruelty-free organic cosmetics.


The queen of pop has also fallen in love with natural cosmetics. According to the creators of the famous Egyptian magic cream, Madonna is one of their most respected fans. It is a 100% natural balm based on an ancient Egyptian formula used by Queen Cleopatra. This cream gives the skin an extra dose of hydration, nutrition and regeneration, it is also multipurpose as it is used for hair, lips, hands, stretch marks, eczema, burns, diaper rash, scars, blemishes, blisters... covers almost everything skin needs.

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston

If we talk about an actress admired for her hair, it is undoubtedly Jennifer Aniston. She has declared her passion for natural products on more than one occasion because it does not harden or suffocate her hair, so she takes care of her hair with natural products, one of her favorite brands being John Masters Organic.


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