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10 beneficios de leer un libro

10 benefits of reading a book

1. Increase your vocabulary

Remember when we learned to infer the meaning of a word in elementary school by reading the context of the other words in the sentence? We will obtain the same benefit now if we dedicate ourselves to reading a book. You may realize that the more we read, especially the "difficult" texts, the more our vocabulary will grow.

2. You train your brain

One of the great advantages of dedicating ourselves to reading a book is that we train our brains. When we practice this activity, you help the organ to perform its functions optimally. In other words, when we read, our brain begins to exercise, but to get long-term results, we need constant activity.

3. Healthy sleep patterns

If you start to get used to reading before bed, the activity will act as a warning to your brain and body, indicating that it's time to rest. This will help you sleep soundly and wake up much more relaxed.

4. Reduces the risk of Alzheimer's

Reading immediately increases the strength of brain tissues, as it is regularly stimulated, which will help us prevent certain diseases, including Alzheimer's disease.
Research shows that activities like reading books or magazines, completing crossword puzzles, puzzles, or even Sudoku can slow or prevent memory loss. These activities stimulate the brain in such a way that brain cells connect and grow.

5. Increase concentration

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People who read tend to have a higher level of concentration, and the reader will have the ability to focus all their attention on the practical things in life. It also develops objectivity and decision making.

6. You will always have a topic of conversation

Did you run out of things to talk to a friend, boyfriend or your husband? If this has happened to you, you know how awkward the situation can be and can often make people wonder if something is wrong. However, if we dedicate ourselves to reading more, we will always have something to talk about with others. We can discuss the conflicts of a particular novel, or what we learn from reading this business book, the possibilities are endless.

7. Improves memory

libros en amazon
Many studies have shown that if we don't use memory, we will start to lose it. Crosswords and puzzles are just a few examples of games that can help us avoid the problem, and reading helps strengthen memory "muscles" in much the same way.

8. Cheap entertainment

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Today the price of movie tickets is through the roof, add to that the regulatory popcorn, and if we are a large family, forget about it. We like it, of course, but the emotion is momentary and fleeting. For the same price, you can buy a book that will entertain you for much longer. Find a bookstore that also sells second-hand books, which will be very cheap and therefore won't hit your wallet.

9. Reduce stress

libros en amazon

When we read, our mind changes state. If we had an extremely stressful day, a good book can easily distract us; The fantasy genre is excellent for these cases. Often it will be very difficult to let go of the romance, but we will remain relaxed.

10. Emotional development

When we dedicate ourselves to reading, our social and emotional development increases. At first, the characters in great novels generally represent different contexts, regions of the world, social status, races and ethnicities, as well as different religions.
Therefore, we find a diversity with which we cannot have real contact. But it's important to understand that once we know what "out there" is like, we can begin to build empathy and tolerance for others, and thus develop emotional sensitivity.
So it's better not to spend hours watching television, read a good book on the subject and genre that you like the most. It's an excellent habit that not only refreshes your mind, but also provides benefits for your health and spirit.

Next we put the podium of the best-selling Amazon books

best selling books on amazon

#1 The snow girl

The perfect thriller that changes the rules of the genre.
The most famous parade on the planet.
A missing three-year-old girl.
Where is Kiera Templeton?
New York, 1998, Thanksgiving parade. Kiera Templeton, disappear into the crowd. After a frantic search throughout the city, someone finds a few strands of hair next to the clothes the little girl was wearing.
In 2003, on the day that Kiera would have turned eight, her parents, Aaron and Grace Templeton, receive a strange package at home: a VHS tape with a one-minute recording of Kiera playing in an unknown room.
After selling more than 650,000 copies of his previous novels, Javier Castillo puts sanity in check again with La chica de nieve, a dark journey into the depths of Miren Triggs, a journalism student who starts a parallel investigation and discovers that both her Life like Kiera's is full of unknowns.

2# A perfect tale

What happens when you discover that the end of your story is not as you dreamed?
- Once upon a time there was a woman who had everything and a boy who had nothing.
- Once upon a time there was a love story between success and doubt.
- Once upon a time there was a perfect tale.
Elísabet Benavent, returns to the literary scene with a novel that explores the meaning of success in life and reflects with irony and humor on social impositions, group pressure and self-demand that, although it is hard to believe, is not synonymous with happiness.

#3 And Julia challenged the gods


Staying high is much more difficult than reaching. Julia is at the height of her power, but betrayal and family division threaten to ruin everything. To make matters worse, the doctor Galen diagnoses that the empress suffers from what he, in Greek, calls karkinos, and that the Romans, in Latin, call cancer. The brutal confrontation between her two sons leads Julia's dynasty to collapse. In the midst of the physical and moral pain suffered by the august, anyone would have given up. So many disasters are piling up that Julia feels like she's fighting the gods of Rome. But, in the midst of the chaos, a love story stronger than death, a passion capable of overcoming impossible tests, emerges to Julia's rescue. Nothing is lost. The game for control of the empire continues.

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