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Beneficios de la Vitamina C

Benefits of Vitamin C

We all know that vitamin C has multiple benefits for our body, but we probably don't know what it really does.

The first is the first ...

Vitamin C can be found in many foods, such as fruits and vegetables, and it acts as an antioxidant in the body, that is, it fights free radicals. In addition, the body needs this vitamin to produce collagen, which is responsible for skin healing, elasticity and resistance.

Here is a list of advantages that will make you not miss a single day without wanting to take your dose of Vitamin C

1. Long and soft hair

Vitamin C stimulates the hair follicle to promote hair growth and prevent dryness and split ends, thanks to the fact that the body better absorbs iron when consumed.

2. Strong and healthy nails

Daily consumption of this vitamin helps strengthen nails from the inside out, promoting their growth and strength to keep them healthy.

3. Natural sunscreen

Sunscreen is always necessary, but vitamin C acts as a defense against ultraviolet rays. In addition, it helps to dispel dark spots and the effects of the sun, since it reduces the amount of melanin produced in the skin.

4. Full power!

It makes it better absorb iron, and that provides energy to the body and makes the skin look more awake, with more color and full of vitality.

5. Regenerates the skin of the wounds caused by acne

Vitamin C helps produce elastin in order to replace damaged tissue. This applies to any sores like bruises, cuts, and acne marks, which reduces redness, reduces inflammation, and cleanses the skin.

6. Mitigate the effects of age

Vitamin C , thanks to its antioxidants, fights against free radicals, responsible for aging, and helps in the deep regeneration of skin tissues, as well as erases wrinkles and other marks.

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