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Sana nutrients menopause 30 caps

€34,90 EUR

Struggling with body changes during menopause?

Sana Nutrients Menopause is the solution. With its unique formula, it helps reduce abdominal fat accumulation, hot flashes and imbalance in the body.

Strengthen your bones and increase your vital energy.

You have never felt so balanced and full of vitality.

Enjoy a calm menopause full of vitality with Sana Nutrients Menopause. A botanical complex with magnesium supports energy levels, nervous system, psychological function, bones and muscles.

Ideal supplement to face this stage of life with balance and well-being.

With its support to the nervous system, it reduces fatigue and tiredness for a sense of balance. It also strengthens muscles and joints, and supports bones and teeth so you can keep moving.


Take two capsules a day. To improve its absorption, it can be taken between meals with a large glass of water.

It is totally valid to take it with the main meals of the day. For greater effectiveness and effect, it is necessary to take the product constantly and daily, for at least 2 months.


Magnesium, isoflavones, vitamin E, horsetail, vitamin C, zinc, manganese, vitamin K2, copper, chromium, folic acid.