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Reticel Biocream With Retinol and Niacinamide 50 ml

€69,00 EUR

♥️If the Curative cream was a success, I won't even tell you about its new formula.

It comes enhanced and reinforced with active ingredients that have proven their effectiveness for years.

Reticel fights against chrono and photo aging, anti-wrinkle and redensifying action as it stimulates collagen synthesis, it is made with a new patented technology of bioactive complexes that ensure total and deep penetration of active ingredients into the deepest layers of the skin.

that carries?

- Retinal 0.06% is an active ingredient 11 times more powerful than retinol since its conversion to retinoic acid is 11 times faster than retinol . It is well tolerated by the skin, it prevents premature aging of the skin caused by sun and other factors, and chronological aging, improves hyperpigmentation, antibacterial action and has a high penetration into the skin.

- Niacinamide or Vitamin B3 at 5%, is one of the best known anti-aging active ingredients, and together with retinal it provides synergy and a very powerful anti-wrinkle and regenerative effect on the skin.

- 1% hyaluronic acid , the famous moisturizing active ingredient, as it traps and attracts water to the epidermis, increasing its natural hydration level, improving its elasticity and preventing the appearance of wrinkles.

- Vegetable retinol or the well-known Bakuchiol that will act like retinol but without its secondary effects, another anti-aging asset highly recommended by dermatologists.

- Beta-glucans, are polysaccharides with a high moisturizing capacity for the skin, since they attract water to the epidermis. Together with HA, they considerably improve skin hydration. In addition, beta-glucans have an antioxidant effect, protecting and softening the skin. when they are accompanied with retinal or retinol their effect is even greater.

-Plant stem cells

- Ozonated oils as well as the water used in its formula is ozonized.

In short, it is an incredible cream that will regenerate, rejuvenate the skin, eliminate wrinkles and fine lines of expression, reaffirm, improve acne, blemishes, spots, and enlarged pores.


Skin renewal up to 83% in 6 days*

Average wrinkle reduction of 44%, reaching 50% in some cases**

Firmness: Increase in collagen and elastin by up to 128%***

* Regenin in vivo test.

**Lipotec test. Evaluation carried out on a group of volunteers who used a cream with Antarcticine® (Antarctic glycoproteins) twice a day for 30 days.

***Lipotec test. Increase achieved after 15 days of use.

Your assets:

Retinal 0.06%

Vegetable retinol 1%

Hyaluronic Acid 1%

Niacinamide 5%


Plant Stem Cells

Ozonated Oils

ozonated water


Ozonized Aqua, Aloe barbadensis Leaf Juice*, Aloe barbadensis/Sucrose Ferment Filtrate, Beta-glucan, Glyceryl Stearate SE, Saccharomyces/Niacinamide Ferment Lysate Filtrate, Ozonized Glycerin, Propanediol, Ozonized Olive Oil, Ozonized Sunflower Oil, Hyaluronic Acid, Bakuchiol, C ellulose Gum, Xanthan Gum, Glyceryl Caprylate, Thymus vulgaris Leaf/Flower/Stem Extract, Saccharomyces/Apple Fruit Ferment Extract Filtrate, Malus domestica Fruit Cell Culture Extract, Vitis vinifera Fruit Meristem Cell Culture, Punica granatum Seed Cell Culture Lysate, Hibiscus sabdariffa Flower Extract *, Hedera helix Extract, Tocopherol, Beta-Sitosterol, Squalene, Daucus carota Sativa Root Extract, Retinal,Arachidyl Alcohol, Behenyl Alcohol, Arachidyl Glucoside, Jojoba Esters, Ascorbyl Glucoside, Silica, Lactic Acid, Phytic Acid, Anisic Acid, Phenetyl Alcohol , Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Cocoglucoside, Parfum**

**From a natural source of thyme