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Olae Made in France - Moisturizing serum 2% postbiotic + polyglutamic acid + HA

€12,50 EUR
EU and UK registered product (new) Our skin is made of cells. Those cells are covered by billions of bacteria and fungi. There is a symbiotic relationship between this flora and the appearance of the skin. Smoking, pollution, all of them change the flora of our skin and as a result, the skin changes. We have at least a thousand different bacteria living in this symbiotic relationship, but there is one very important one: Staphylococcus epidermidis (good guy). In healthy people there is a balance of these microbes and both C. acnes and S. Aureus (opportunistic pathogen) are present at low levels. The first active ingredient is a cereal (Panicum miliaceum) that was fermented using a community of specially selected lactic acid bacteria.