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Olae Made in France - Facial scrub with PHA 10% (better than AHA) 100% natural

€12,50 EUR
EU and UK registered product (new). What is it? PHA or polyhydroxy acid (fruit) are chemical exfoliants and are considered second generation AHAs. Because it is better? Its difference lies in its molecular structure. PHA molecules are larger and therefore cannot penetrate as deeply as AHAs and BHAs; They act exclusively on the surface and are less irritating than their AHA and BHA counterparts. An additional benefit of PHA is that the skin does not become more photosensitive or susceptible to harmful UV rays. Finally, the PHA will hydrate the skin. What are you doing? They exfoliate by breaking the bonds that glue the surface layer of dead skin together, making the skin brighter and more radiant.