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Jabones Naturales - Biovardi

Ecological Soaps and their benefits

Ecological Soaps - biovardi

Amid cosmetic products saturated with synthetic ingredients, there is a growing interest in more "natural" alternatives that harness the properties of plants, herbs, spices and fruits for the benefit of the skin.

Currently, the options on the market are of increasingly better quality, since no animal ingredients are used and they have a careful production process to avoid contamination.

In the 100% natural cosmetics offer, we can find ecological soaps, salts, exfoliating milks, bath bombs and others, handmade and characterized by not generating foam, but a type of cream that cleanses, moisturizes and prevents external aggressions.

Relaxing and stimulating treatments for pregnancy, postpartum, migraine, depression, muscle pain, and care for the face, feet, and hands are also part of this market.

Why use Ecological soaps?

  • Organic soaps are made to keep all the glycerin, which is very beneficial for sensitive and dry skin. It is used in eczema treatments as it reduces itchy skin and helps treat skin conditions.

  • Handmade soaps do not contain artificial fragrances or industrial soap chemicals for more lather which can ultimately irritate the skin.

  • It is possible to make our own homemade soap using the ingredients and oils that best suit your skin type. It is a great alternative to avoid skin diseases.

  • The essential oils used in these types of products contain several therapeutic properties.

    • As they do not have petroleum products, we avoid environmental pollution.

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