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¿Tienes manchas en la piel?

Do you have spots on the skin?

Summer is over and new spots appear or the ones you already had are worse, and you will tell me: but I have used sunscreen!

To put stains at bay there is only one 100% effective gesture and that is never to expose yourself to the sun, but it is impossible, especially if you live in sunny areas.

Today I am going to give you the most important steps to keep the spots under control and prevent the appearance or worsening of the ones you had:

We start from the basis that the spots or hyperpigmentation caused by the sun (the spots of hormonal origin is another topic) are actually a defense mechanism of our skin cells, the cells when they receive a greater amount of sun rays send signals to the melanocytes that are in charge of producing melanin, these melanocytes increase the production of this substance that its only function will be to protect the nucleus of the cell from oxidative damage and therefore possible death of the same or in worse cases in the appearance of a malignant process.

In other words, it is not something that occurs to annoy us but rather to protect us. Another point to take into account is that the spots take years to appear, so the spot that came out this summer may be from up to 10 years ago, the skin He has a memory and sometimes it's better than mine.

A good facial routine is essential to help keep the skin smooth and luminous, and to improve those spots and sometimes eliminate them, that is with a lot of patience and requires time from 4 to 7 months (if it is a routine with cosmetics, another story would be a medical process that is another topic)

- Facial Cleansing

- Use a toner with active ingredients

- Facial serum to treat

- Anti-depigmentation ampoules

- nourishing and/or moisturizing face cream

-The queen of the anti-spot routine: Sun protection

Now I leave you a facial routine that can be adapted to any type of skin, both for men and women:

1- Facial cleansing:

It is important to choose a cleanser that not only cleanses but also has some beneficial active ingredient, be it moisturizing, antioxidant or nourishing effect. To obtain these benefits you have to massage the product into your skin for at least 5 minutes less, washing running will not stop long enough for the ingredients to work.

My recommendations:

green shaman

green shaman ecological facial cleansing marbella biovardi

2- Facial tonic

Many people skip this step, but for me it is important to use a good toner as it will help subsequent treatments to act more deeply and on balanced skin.
My favorite:
Curative Revive Biotonic


3- Face serum

This step is one of the most important, this is where advice from a professional comes in, it will depend on your skin and its tolerance or sensitivity, not all serums are valid for all skin types, but the ones that do work and there are no problems, they are the ones that I am going to quote you now: if you need to know which of the two is for you, contact me:)

4- Anti-stain ampoules

On the market there are thousands of products with this format, they are usually more concentrated and have some ingredient with little stability that if they were in a bottle when opened they can lose effectiveness, they are easy to use, the most important thing to take into account is the formula, what ingredients they carry, it is not about a specific but about the whole. I encourage you to use this type of cosmetics as they offer very interesting and visible results after a short period of time.
My favorites are:
Whitepro by Ami Iyok
whitepro anti-stain blisters biovardi marbella

5- Sun protection

The product that if you don't use it you'll be wasting everyone else's money!!

That blunt, and you have to use it every day every day of the year.

In our solar section you will find an excellent selection. I encourage you to visit it.


6-The face cream

Here the most important thing is to find the cream that your skin needs, according to its type, current state, degree of sensitivity and your tastes. I don't have favorites since it will depend on your skin and its needs.

If you have any questions, write to me at souad@biovardi.com

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