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¿Prácticas la doble limpieza? | Biovardi

Do you practice double cleansing?

Do you practice double cleansing?

Double cleansing is what its name implies, cleansing the skin twice, in two steps.

1-First step:

clean the skin with oils, if you read that right, the oils help to remove greasy dirt, makeup residue, our own sebum, environmental contaminating particles, smoke, car fumes... they will clean the pores more deeply very favorable for oily skin.

To carry out this stage it is important to have an excellent cleaner and I am going to recommend 3:

Jane Apothecary Calming Cleansing Balm

Take a small amount of balm and melt it between your fingers until it turns into oil. Apply to the face on dry skin making gentle circular movements. Take advantage of the moment to inhale its exquisite aroma. Then moisten a washcloth in warm water or our exclusive organic cotton washcloth and remove the product from the face. Re-moisten the washcloth in cold water to activate microcirculation. The skin is perfectly clean, hydrated and with good tone.

Evolve Organic Beauty Cleansing Balm

Massage into dry skin, including the eye area. Emulsify with water and it becomes a rich cleansing milk. Rinse.

S5 Nourish Cleansing Balm.

Heat between the palms of your hands and massage onto clean, dry skin. When emulsified with water, it becomes a rich cleansing milk. Rinse.

For me they are the best oily cleansers I have tried.

2-Second step

Cleaning the skin with an aqueous cleanser, usually gels and cleansing foams or bar soaps, will drag away the hydrophilic dirt, ensuring the elimination of all the dirt present on the skin.

In this phase you have to choose the cleanser indicated for your skin type, the one you usually use regularly, you do not need any in particular.

After this double cleansing your skin will be very clean, soft, bright, you can do it in the morning and at night, and every day without fear of the skin drying out as they are false beliefs.

Your skin will thank you and you will see the changes a few days after applying this magnificent ritual.

I advise that after the double cleansing that you apply a facial tonic to calm the skin and restore its normal PH so that when you use your creams or serums, the skin is in optimal conditions to absorb the ingredients of your daily treatments.

As you can see, double cleansing has no more secrets than the one I've told you, a ritual copied from Asian women, it helps them preserve porcelain skin, but let's not forget that genetics has a lot to do with it, so if your skin doesn't Stay in such a way that you do not stop practicing double cleaning.

I leave you the link to our facial cleansing section there you can find all our cleansers, if you need help do not hesitate to contact us: info@biovardi.com


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