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quemando palo santo

10 Reasons to Burn Palo Santo and Benefit from it

Lignum vitae

Today you will discover a simple and natural way to purify your home and your being of negative energies, thanks to the magical power of Palo Santo . This ancient treasure of history has qualities that go beyond what you imagine. Did you know that Palo Santo can also help improve intimacy in your relationship, provide you with a restful sleep and enhance your amulets? However, keep in mind Keep in mind that not everything sold as authentic Palo Santo is. It is essential to know how to identify true sacred wood . Let me share with you in this article everything you need to know about Palo Santo .

The Palo Santo

Palo Santo , whose literal translation is "sacred wood," comes from Palo Santo trees found in South America and certain regions of Central America. These trees belong to the citrus family and are related to frankincense and myrrh.

When burned, it emanates a soft fragrance that fills any space and transforms its energy. You can also find it in the form of essential oil, incense or infusion.

Its healing, medicinal and spiritual properties have been used for thousands of years. But what exactly does Palo Santo do?

According to renowned shaman and psychic Alyson Charles, "it can help relieve headaches and stomachaches, reduce stress levels, and is widely known for its ability to cleanse and purify spiritual energy."

Next, we will delve into the ten benefits that Palo Santo can give you.

The Benefits of Palo Santo

1. Eliminate negative energy from your home

Thanks to its high resin content, Palo Santo wood is believed to release purifying properties when burned. In the shamanic tradition of South America, Palo Santo has been used to dispel negativity and overcome obstacles, while attracting good fortune. To clear the energy of any space, light the Palo Santo and then extinguish the flame by gently shaking it in the air. You will soon notice the white smoke forming and you will be able to disperse it around your body and throughout the room.

Clean energy at home with Palo Santo

2. Burning palo santo can create a cathartic ritual

Regular rituals are great for those looking for a routine that relaxes them . Before stretching, meditation, or yoga , the process of lighting the stick and allowing the smoke to release into the room can be very helpful.

Meditation is an incredible way to consciously create and release positive energy . Freeing yourself from useless attachments and harmful thoughts. Discover how our rituals and meditation can improve your well-being!

3. Inhaling palo santo oil can relieve headaches

To achieve this well-being , we recommend mixing the magical palo santo with a carrier oil and applying small amounts to the temples. Another option is to add a few drops of this oil to hot water and enjoy the steam .

According to Dr. Isaac Alexis, renowned medical director of the West Virginia center , this simple ritual can have surprising effects on your emotional health . Inhaling the fragrance of palo santo or burning a stick of this mystical incense can trigger the release of essential neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin , while stimulating the production of endorphins and enkephalins, natural substances that promote well-being .

In short, an experience that will make you feel noticeably better .

Inhale Palo Santo oil

4. Palo santo oil is also an insect repellent

Thanks to its complex chemical composition, rich in limonene , this product is an excellent ally for repelling insects, in particular, annoying mosquitoes. Limonene , found in citrus peels, plays a crucial role in plants' natural defense against insects .

Palo Santo insect repellent

5. Diffusion of palo santo oil helps prevent colds.

To relieve congestion and sore throat , adding a few drops of oil to hot water and then inhaling the vapors is an effective practice. This technique is especially beneficial for combating inflammation, a common symptom of colds and flu. Discover how using the oil can provide quick and natural relief .

Palo Santo relieves colds

6. It can relieve stomach pains

Lemongrass , the same compound that repels insects , is also useful for treating an upset stomach . This helps relieve bloating, nausea and cramps .

Palo Santo cleaning

7. Palo santo oil can also be used to reduce stress levels

Frankincense essential oil , known for its ability to purify the air and clear the mind , is a gem in the world of aromatherapy. Its antimicrobial properties make it a powerful ally to clean the environment . In addition, its soft fragrance tends to calm the nervous system , reduce anxiety and improve mood .

But incense is not limited to essential oil. You can also find it in the form of rods or cones . These are made from fine wood chips , which are mixed with natural glue and carefully dried.

While sticks and cones are a simple way to enjoy the aroma of this plant, it is always advisable to opt for natural wood incense . Its pure and authentic aroma will take you on an unparalleled sensory journey.

Palo Santo to relieve stress

8. Drinking palo santo tea could help with inflammation

This practice can be of great help in preventing inflammation, body pain, and even colds .

The preparation is simple : start by scraping some palo santo shavings. Next, boil a cup of water in a saucepan and add the chips. Bring the mixture to a boil over medium heat . Once it boils, reduce the heat and allow it to simmer for 15 minutes . Then, simply strain the shavings and enjoy this beneficial infusion.

Palo Santo Tea

9. Improve your intimate relationships as a couple

Yes, you read it right . Palo santo has aphrodisiac properties that make it a highly recommended choice . Specially prepared in tea form, this ancient and mystical incense can enhance the erotic connection with your partner in a unique way. Discover how palo santo can be an ally to amplify passion and intimacy in your relationship.

10. Protect yourself from bad energies even in dreams

Sleeping peacefully and protecting your dreams is a priority for many people. Therefore, carrying a piece of palo santo with you is an excellent option. Whether in your pocket, bag or wherever you prefer , this small amulet will give you the peace of mind you need.

How can I know if the palo santo I buy is original and certified?

The power of Rosewood for your dreams and your inner peace . Discover how many people have found peace of mind when sleeping by placing a piece of palo santo under their pillow . You can also carry this wonderful sacred wood with you in your pocket, bag or anywhere you want. Experience the protection and harmony that palo santo can bring you wherever you go!

Where to buy palo santo?

At Biovardi, we offer you the opportunity to acquire palo santo of natural and ecological origin. Explore our selection and find the purity of this sacred wood for your well-being!

Buy palo santo


Gracias por estos conocimientos es bueno saber lo que ignoramos.

Es difícil quemar, no dura mucho la brasa, pero huele muy bien.!!

El palo santo ayuda a coger el apetito?? Lleva mi padre 3 semanas sin comer y depresiones y me recomendaron esto,me ayudan???
Gracias por compartir con migo me servirá de utilidad

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