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Organic Anti-Acne Tea 100 g

€16,95 EUR

Discover the haven of beauty with Yakuyo Organic Anti-Acne Tea. A 100% organic tea, enriched with selected minerals and antioxidants, which helps relax the balance of your skin.

For healthy, blemish-free skin!

Discover the benefits of organic anti-acne tea. Its acidic and earthy flavor, the result of a mixture of chamomile, mint, nettle and dandelion, will cleanse your skin while giving it a spa fragrance that achieves a feeling of relaxation.

Ingredients such as parsley, turmeric and pineapple are added to this composition, which achieve complete purification of your face. Enjoy exquisite cleaning.


Spearmint, chamomile, nettle, dandelion, parsley, turmeric, sour cherry, pineapple, ground turmeric.

100 grams of tea is equivalent to approximately 90 cups of brewed tea.