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Dafna Skincare Clear Anti-Imperfections Facial Serum 30ml

€63,00 EUR

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Serum Clear is the solution for skin that suffers from acne, that has tried everything and is looking for effective solutions that are respectful of their skin and microbiome.

If you are suffering hormonal changes reflected in your skin this season, or your skin reacts more intensely due to the frequent use of masks, this serum will help you have clear, clear and healthy skin.

Clearly combat external factors (such as pollution, the use of masks, seasonal changes...) and internal factors (hormones, stress...), which can cause acne or skin imbalance.

What impact will I notice?

Reduces the appearance of acne, while improving the condition of active acne.

Skin appears more even, with less redness and "blemishes" caused by acne.

In addition, the brightness and elasticity of the skin also increase significantly.

Natural, highly potent sebum and acne control ingredients include:

African Spider Flower Polyphenols

Tea Tree (Soul Ingredient)

Amla- Vitamin C (Soul Ingredient)

MelacareTM oil (Biotechnology)

Ginseng (Soul ingredient)

Green Tea (Soul ingredient)


Application mode

For skin with active breakouts:

Use it twice a day, on the affected area.

Massage into the skin until the product is completely absorbed. After seeing improvement in the affected area, it can be reduced to 1 application per day.

For acne-prone skin without breakouts:

Use as maintenance 3-5 times a week. .

* Avoid contact with eyes. * Preferably do not use before sun exposure or apply sun protection * This is NOT a spot treatment, it can be used on the entire face, or where necessary.

* We recommend having a routine for acne-prone skin: Use with Purify Cleanser (2 times a day) and Revival (2 times a week).