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Novexpert Green Tea Dark Spot Correcting Brush 2ml.

€19,95 EUR

"One point less in your routine."

With its innovative applicator brush, Targeted Spot Corrector acts in the CORRECTION and PREVENTION of all pigmentation spots (lentigines, melasma, post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation...

The ingredients responsible for this effect with:


epigallocatechin gallatyl glucoside: green tea polyphenols, anti-dark spots Hydrolyzed wheat flour: anti-dark spot active Dictyopteris polypodioides: anti-dark spot extract (brown algae) Pancratium maritimum extract: anti-dark spot active (sea lily) Coffea arabica (coffee) seed extract: Stimulates the DKK1 protein Balanites roxburghii seed oil: active anti-stain (desert date tree)

YELLOW SPOTS/BEIGEGLICATION arginine pca: Actif anti-blemish (beetroot & biotechnology)

MOISTURIZING AND SOOTHING ACTIVE INGREDIENTS aloe barbadensis leaf juice powder: aloe vera gel glycerin: moisturizing agent Bisabolol: soothing active ingredient that acts against hyperpigmentation (candela) GENTLE EXFOLIATING ACTIVE INGREDIENT Lactic acid: semi-deep progressive exfoliating (biotechnology)

**Biotechnology: “green” manufacturing method that uses living organisms (probiotics = fermentation). Cheese, yogurt, beer, bread are foods derived from biotechnology.

The result?

Up to 84% stain lightening in 28 days.

Better than Photoshop!


on the spots once or twice a day on clean skin. Wait about 10 minutes before applying cream or makeup afterwards.

Be diligent! Clinical tests show that by using Targeted Spot Corrector twice a day for 4 weeks, the first results are already visible: spots are significantly lightened.

Practical, the specific treatment can be integrated into any routine!