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Real Beeswax And Lys White 100 gr

€11,90 EUR

An effective wax on short hair for professional and long-lasting results.

Professional hair removal at home

Royal Wax is a peelable wax without an organic strip, which will guarantee you professional and above all long-lasting results (up to 4 weeks!).

It is effective on short hairs (2 to 5 mm) and therefore perfect for complete and easy hair removal of sensitive areas such as armpits, bikini line or even facial areas.

Without a doubt, it is now easy to wax yourself thanks to real wax without a strip.

An ecological formula, 100% natural and certified organic

Without a strip , this peelable wax allows you to considerably reduce your waste .

Its pot is recyclable and its spatula is made from sustainable, FSC-certified bamboo.

This stripless and ecological wax kit will allow you an efficient, optimal and delicate removal.

Its exclusive formula with natural pine resin and organic beeswax from responsible beekeeping is very easy to apply and provides strong adhesion and pulling power, all without tape.

To respect sensitive skin, organic white lily extract and castor oil soften and protect freshly shaved skin.

An economical and practical format

This economical format is optimized for a complete hair removal session on sensitive areas (underarms, bikini line, face).

This wax heats up quickly in the microwave in 2 minutes or 15 minutes in a bain-marie, for those without a microwave.

Follow our tips to better heat the wax in our tips for use tab or by reading the instructions carefully.

When the wax has melted and resembles thick honey, it's ready! However, check the temperature of the pull-down wax without biological strip before application.

For optimal hair removal, you should apply the organic stripless real wax in semi-thick layers to all affected body areas.

Once applied, all you have to do is pull!

Wax residue is easily removed with an organic vegetable oil, such as SOS oil with soothing and healing properties.

Our tips for heating:

1- In the microwave:

a. Put the pot on a plate and move the plate away from the center of the microwave. Check that the wooden spatula is not in the wax when it is heated and that the pot is not abnormal. Carefully check the heating times with a timer to ensure safe use of the wax and to avoid any risk of burns. The wax must not come into contact with water, as it may lose its effectiveness. Heat the wax following the heating times indicated in the instructions for use. Adjust the heating time according to the specific power of the microwave and the amount of wax remaining. If the wax has overheated, do not touch the jar and let it sit until cool.

B. After heating the wax, wait 1 minute with the microwave turned off, for a good diffusion of the heat in the wax. Carefully remove the pot from the microwave, holding it by the handles and without tilting it.

CAUTION: After heating, there will likely be an area of ​​liquid wax in the center and a circle of more solid wax on the outside.

THIS IS NORMAL. vs. Carefully mix the wax with the spatula, gently, for 1 minute, from the center to the edges of the pot to incorporate the most solid part of the wax into the liquid part. If the wax is difficult to mix, remove the spatula and reheat in 15 second intervals and mix again until the texture of thick honey is obtained.

CAUTION: Never heat wax for more than 15 seconds at a time.

2- Our advice and alternatives to the microwave:

the water bath

a. 15 to 20 minutes in a bain-marie: Place the pot of wax in a saucepan. Fill with water up to the wax level of the pot. Remove the pot. Bring the water to a boil, then reduce the heat. Put the pot back and let it heat for about 15 to 20 minutes.

Stir regularly taking the melted wax from the outside in with the spatula, until you get the texture of thick honey. It is important that the water does not enter the pot because it will be unusable. Once all the wax has melted, you can take it out of the water, make sure to dry the pot with a cloth and not hold it in your hand (take the pot only from the sides up). Mix with the spatula.

B. 2 min in a bain-marie then pour into a wax heater: Place the pot of wax in a saucepan. Fill with water up to the wax level of the pot. Remove the pot. Bring the water to a boil, then reduce the heat. Put the pot back and let it heat for about 2 minutes until the wax closest to the pot wall starts.

Make way for hair removal:

On perfectly clean, dry and healthy skin, start by:

1. Apply powder to the area to be waxed (face areas, armpits or bikini line)

2. Place a drop of organic strip-free peelable wax on top of the surface to be waxed and in the direction of hair growth.

3. Spread the wax in a fairly thin layer with thicker edges to remove

4. As soon as the wax no longer sticks under your fingers, it's time to remove it. To do this, it is necessary to tighten the skin, and remove the wax with a quick gesture and against the hair (/! \ The strip must be perfectly parallel to the skin when it is removed).

Finally, to remove the last traces of wax from your skin, you can immediately reapply a strip of wax that has already been used, or wait for it to dry before removing it with your nails.

You can also use our organic soothing SOS oil, perfect for removing the last residue and immediately soothing freshly shaved skin. After hair removal, redness may appear, but don't worry, it will quickly disappear.



* Ingredients from organic farming

100% of the total ingredients are of natural origin.

10% of the total ingredients are from organic farming.