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A reason to smile Nasolabial patches 2 reusable patches

€26,90 EUR

Hopefully there are enough reasons to laugh. But for laugh lines from now on no more! The reusable pads "a reason to smile" made of pure medical silicone are enriched with highly effective hyaluron, smooth the entire area between nose and chin and support you exactly where you need it.

Clean them from time to time and treat them well. You'll get up to 30 treatments from a single pad. The more you use them, the softer and brighter your eyes will shine. It is clinically proven.

Up to 30x reusable smoothing effect after the first application clinically proven wrinkle reduction 100% medical grade silicone

How to use :

Clean the skin area to be treated: it must be dry and clean, without make-up.

1. Gently spread the existing wrinkles in the nasolabial area with your fingers and stick the pads.

2. Let it act for at least an hour

After use, keep your pad in the foil and sachet. You can clean it from time to time with mild soap and warm running water.


dimethicone (support material), hyaluronic acid